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Hi I'm Rob

Welcome to my profile

About Me

I’m a single father whose greatest blessing and joy is the love and friendship shared with my two sons, ages 11 and 15. I interface with talented and interesting individuals in an industry that defines fashion. My work, though I rarely refer to it as such, requires creativity and logistical balance that can be extremely challenging but equally rewarding to my competitive nature. I’m rejuvenated by nature and have the unique opportunity of participating in expeditions and conservation efforts around the world.

Why I am a Mormon

Foremost I see my relationship with the “human family” and the commonalities that unite us. I’ve observed that within any “ism,” there are some who need to believe they are right, while others are wrong. I do not envision being right or wrong as our purpose - far more important is learning to sacrifice our own will to that of a loving and merciful Creator, and by so doing, finding the strength and ability to love others as ourselves. A germane belief in Mormonism, which resonates with me, is that of a Godhead consisting of three distinct personages being one in purpose, whose counsel is conveyed through a living prophet and twelve apostles. While unable to comprehend the majesty of His nature, I view God as a very real and eternal Father whose greatest gift to me personally, aside from my existence, is being able to make my own eternal choices guided by the perfect example and self-sacrifice of his son - the Savior Jesus Christ. Modern day revelation brings clarity to the importance of my life and helps me to understand my personal relationship with God. A restored connection between an empathetic Savior who preached his gospel and established His church in the meridian of time, with a current day organization supported by the same resurrected Deity at its center is all important. This magnificent condescension, whereby the Redeemer took upon himself the frailties of a mortal body to obtain a perfect empathy for our physical challenges, provides a supernal compass to help guide my choices. From a youth I was taught that I could approach God directly, the same as did a young boy by the name of Joseph Smith in 1820. I believe that the young man did in fact converse with God and his Son, and that his prayer like those of prophets before him was answered. The result nearly two-hundred years later, is a living and functioning restoration of the original. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is not a church for Mormons - rather, an organization restored to help serve every man, woman and child who hope for direct and heavenly intercession of priesthood blessings, guidance from divine laws, and clear communication through ongoing revelation. Especially reassuring to me, is that a spiritual witness of these truths can be obtained if one sincerely prays and carefully studies the Book of Mormon, the Old and New Testaments, and revelations given in our own day.

How I live my faith

My faith emanates from an innate sense of belonging, fostered by loving parents and caring mentors. I live it for myself, but that choice is bolstered by the keen stewardship I feel for my sons. It is strengthened by the natural goodness evidenced in the cultures and ethnic groups that I’ve had the privilege of knowing - and from generations that respect what their ancestors sought to leave behind, and who sacrifice to ensure the same and more for their progeny. Often times, personal mistakes are my greatest teachers and counselors. As I grow older my faith is renewed with the continual ebbs and flows of joy and hardships. These experiences cause me to reflect on present as well as previously unnoticed blessings and new challenges are met with hope and a desire to judge less, while focusing on what I can change about myself.

What is being a Mormon like?

As members of the Church, individuals actively pursue their spiritual growth and understanding via personal and collective study. Combined with prayerful contemplation of one’s eternal nature and relationship with God, these studies provide peace and give purpose to the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter of life. It is a participatory faith, there is no paid clergy and thus positions of service and leadership are filled by individual volunteers. This dependence on each other creates a vibrant community, where the needs of individuals are attended to. Living the doctrine and commandments within the Mormon faith sets one apart - abstinence from alcohol, stimulants and practices considered norms in society can be personally and socially challenging. However, if one is sincere in his or her adherence to these principles, and maintains a humble respect for other’s choices, a rewarding balance is keenly felt. Members are encouraged to live their standards by the “Spirit of the law,” as opposed to the “letter.” Families, viewed as eternal in nature, are diversely comprised of unmarried singles, widows and widowers, single parents, partnerships whose children are well into their adult years, and young families just starting out. Each is highly valued and receives great focus from the general leadership and auxiliaries. Show more Show less