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Hi I'm Robert Gent

On June 11, 2006 I went into cardiac arrest 3X, but I am still alive due to a heart transplant! And yes I am still a Mormon.

About Me

While many peopled die waiting for a transplant, I survived cardiac arrest 3X, 5 months of intermittent hospitalizations, serious blood infections, and debilitating muscle weakness to receive the heart of a 20 year old male on June 11, 2006. The heart donor was an outstanding high school athlete who had qualified to receive training to become a fighter pilot in the USAF. I am a BYU graduate, a 3 year collegiate letterman and Masters All-American track and field athlete who also holds a Phd in Transpersonal Psychology. In 1996, I was named "USA Summer Games Athlete Of The Year" out of 250,000 athletes of all ages nationwide. In June 2011, I won a world championship in Sweden at the World Transplant Games. I competed in the 110m, long jump, discus, and javelin. At 69 years of age I was the oldest of dozens of competitors in the 60-69 age category. Currently I am training for the games in 2013 in Durbin, South Africa. My goal is to win 5 gold medals and set 5 world records in the 70-79 age category. I am a husband, father, and grandfather of 17 kids. Currently, I substitute teach daily in the Denver area. A key to my athletic success is being an ultimate fitness health trainer. I know that nutritional foods, rest, proper exercise and keeping a positive attitude can heal a troubled body.

Why I am a Mormon

My life will never be the same because of my near death experience in a life saving ambulance ride. Six years ago while the sirens screamed and the colored lights flashed I sunk into unconsciousness on a darkened night. I experienced for brief periods of quickened time what most people only read about and what many people do not believe even exists: Life after Death! Irregardless of one's religious beliefs or philosophical choices there is no doubt in anyone's belief system that there are two truths of our mortal existence: We all are born, and we will all die! I know with all the energy of my transplanted 25 year old athletic heart that what I experienced when my birth heart stopped 3X was real. Life does continue after death, and my life was miraculously preserved to help others learn of Christ, realize their potential as human beings, and not fear death as they prepare properly for life after death. The most important lesson I was taught as I visited the spirit world is that there is a Christ who is far more patient, understanding, powerful and unconditionally loving than our finite minds can comprehend. Our Savior is ever ready to forgive us our trespasses if we simply turn our lives to him. In fact, I was taught that it makes no difference if we are Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Atheist, Mormon or whatever nationality. Christ's love is unconditionally offered and available to all mankind. Our Savior never wavers in His offering of love for each of us because He is perfect. Although Christ's love is extended to each of us, in order to feel His love or peace in our lives it is conditional on our obedience to and faith in Him. I learned of our Savior's concern and love for me and that I, as well as all mankind, must live His laws and keep His commandments the best we can if we expect His peace to be with us to dissipate the depressions, frustrations, worries, doubts, anxieties and fears of this world and prepare us for life after death.

How I live my faith

Some people may judge that what I learned and experienced when my heart stopped beating was mere conjecture or the imaginations of an oxygen starved mind. But I vividly remember and solemnly testify that what I felt of the Savior's peaceful, calming love, light and energy at that time is available to each of us. My brief visits of quickened time to the spirit world gave me the same feelings of charity, peace, and self-acceptance that I often feel when I attend Christ's Church that has been restored to the earth: "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints". I solidly proclaim to all those who are looking for peace in a very troubles world that Christ's Church has been restored to the earth and that "The Book of Mormon" along with the "Bible",teach of Christ's love. I promise and testify to anyone who faithfully and prayerfully reads "The Book of Mormon" and Heavenly Father if His Church and gospel have indeed been restored to the earth, can discover for themselves that that this promise is true. Because there is a God in Heaven that does hear and answer heartfelt prayers you also can know and feel Christ's most profound love through membership and activity in His Church which has been restored to the earth. Please believe me; you do not have to experience cardiac arrest numerous times to feel this eternal truth.