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Hi I'm Karin

Each year of my life, it makes more and more sense for me to be a Mormon.

About Me

I am a stay-at-home wife and mom of 3 young children. I am an enthusiastic amateur musician. I love singing and playing music on my upright bass - I played in a Bluegrass band before I had kids and one of my dreams is to have a family band someday. My husband is not really musical, but says that he will be our roadie. :) I work well with young children. I help teach 2 "home school" variety preschools for my oldest children, and discovered my talent there. I enjoy reading, telling stories, and especially singing and "dancing" with the kids. I am NOT a dancer but have found that songs with actions are easier for the kids to learn. I am conciously trying to familiarize my children with the scriptures and I like to make up melodies for various scriptures. They are much easier to memorize that way. I have very short patience with my children sometimes, but have found that praying for help, helps. They are God's children, and they deserve love and patience, just like I hope for, for myself, from other people. I have found that being a parent has taught me more about God's relationship with me than anything else I've experienced up to this point in my life. I want to "bless" my children, but they've got to make the choice to do what they should if I'm to be able to! How often does Heavenly Father wait for me to come around on an issue so that He can finally bestow the blessing He's been waiting to give me? Oh, and one more thing: I'm almost ALWAYS late to EVERYTHING.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church, in Utah, even. As a child, born to actively-practicing Mormon parents, it seemed absolutely natural to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Most people I knew did, and I did, too. It was most helpful to my testimony to move here, where I currently live with my family. I have friends today who are active members of other religions. When I first began speaking to them about it, I was surprised to learn how well-developped their churches' social organizations were, and how beautiful their relationships with the Savior were! "What do I have in this church that they don't in their's?" I wondered for awhile. Well, here's my answer: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has the REAL priesthood authority from God. I know that. The Holy Ghost has confirmed it to me. Because of this, the ordinances performed by worthy priesthood holders are valid for eternity. And that's important! The Church is led today by a true prophet of God, not just a man who is spiritual, but a man who has actual authority from God to act and to lead in His name. I know that thanks to a strong witness from the Holy Ghost, as well. The Book of Mormon, known as the "keystone of our religion," truly is an ancient record which bears witness of Christ and which teaches His gospel clearly. I have prayed about this and God has borne witness to me, again through the Holy Ghost, of it. Tonight I heard a woman tell of the long history of her church and I smiled in my mind, thinking, "Wow! MY church goes back to the beginning of the world! The first members were Adam and Eve!" This church contains and teaches God's full gospel, given to Adam, taught and made possible by Christ, and restored to the earth in modern times through the prophet Joseph Smith. This is the right place for myself and my family to be. This is the place which makes the most sense, in my mind, in my heart, and in my spirit. I don't wonder anymore.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying to conciously teach my children the gospel. We read from the Book of Mormon often at breakfast, and we memorize scriptures together then, too. I feel like I am arming them (and myself!) against the "fiery darts" of the adversary as we do this. I try to bear my testimony in various ways to the people around me, especially my own family. I seek for God's help in my everyday life, ESPECIALLY in matters pertaining to my children! I have found that asking Him specifically for a loving heart changes my interactions with my husband and my children for the better. I am so far from perfect that sometimes it can be quite disheartening... But then I remember that God's plan is a plan of progression, and that repentance is possible through Jesus Christ's Atonement. And then I try again. I do not always act as I should, but repentance is real and possible, and redemptive. I try to be honest with my children, asking their forgiveness at times and letting them see that I am flawed, and more importantly that I'm trying to become better, following gospel principles. In this way, I hope to show them that even though I am not perfect, the gospel of Jesus Christ is, and His Atonement paves the way for us to become so, too. I love the Savior, and, as the song goes, "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus."