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Hi I'm Renata

I grew up in Hesperia (crickets chirping in the background...). I converted to Mormonism at 21 and look forward to every new day.

About Me

My parents were active in the church until I was five. They separated when I was 10, then divorced. Besides the great members of the LDS church I met in school, I never really attended church. At 21, I met a quirky fun girl who got me interested in meeting some missionaries (something I hadn't even thought of for over 10 years), where I felt some part of a happiness I lost when I was younger return. After high school I had goals to go to school full time and get a job and everything would work out as planned. that didn't happen..at all. School went to the backburner as I saved money working two jobs. My GPA went down, and by this time I was losing hoping in myself and getting my life straight in the time alotted to me. I barely did any sports or activities I wanted to do or that I had done in the past (I live 1/2 an hour from the beach and hardly go. Never hiked, and I used ot do archery but that was out of the question), and I felt unsure of where to turn or how to get back on track from where I was. It's been over a year now, and I can honestly say my life is changing for the better. To put it shortly, I received a LOT of help- in ways I couldn't have even imagined doing myself.

Why I am a Mormon

Again, I lost some form of what many people could call hope-and others might say it's faith. There's a feeling inside I always cherished when I was younger, the feeling you get that everything will be alright, someone's there for you. As time passed, I could only grasp that feeling during special holidays or sometimes when I experienced something truly beautiful in nature (Being a girl, I don't cry during a sunset, but it is pretty emotional for me. Note to guys for a cheap date: watch the sunset with her. Totally free, and it still works on us hahaha.). I wanted that feeling back but didn't even know how I got it in the first place. When I returned to church and started to do the things that were asked of me to gain faith (pray, read scriptures, etc.) the feeling was always there. It's Heavenly Father telling you that He's there for you and you don't have to worry; you're in the right direction. Sure, others can scoff at this response all they want-it's fine by me. I am completely honest when I say I am so happy and grateful that I'm a member of this perfect church. Life still has it's rocky moments, but as long as I keep trying, I'll continue to receive the help I need to go on. (heavy sigh) Ok, I would rather not go on a tangent, so let's just leave it at that for now. If you're interested in this church, even just to prove to yourself that you're not really interested, just try it out. Pray about it. Doesn't matter what religion you are or aren't, you'll get an answer if you truly mean it inside. Everyone should want to be happy, and everyone is looking for it in their own way. That happiness I thought I had lost when I was younger, the same hope I was trying to gain, it's back- and I know it's all because this church is the true church of Jesus Christ for Latter Day Saints.

How I live my faith

Ok, sort of funny story. Well, not that funny. Actually, now that I think about it I really shouldn't write this down on this website. Let's just say that I'm far from perfect and I have definitely done things in my past. That just made my history sound way worse than it is. It's not THAT bad, just not good. Getting to the point, as you can tell I am one of those persons who can easily fall off track (metaphorically and literally-you don't want to know how often I trip on flat surfaces). The absolute key to my progression in this plan of happiness is for me to attend church, pray often, read my scriptures, and try to keep the commandments. I've done it the other way, tried other things to make myself happy. Nothing is better than this. Don't get me wrong, I have some trouble making these a habit in my daily life (praying constantly and reading everyday), but I see AND feel a difference inside when I commit to them. There's a comfort inside me and I have a higher awareness of what I need to do to become better and overall live happily. It's wonderful, so when I start to lose that feeling, I know what I must do to have it back. That feeling of the Spirit becomes your best friend seriously. Golly, I can see myself making this into some kind of journal entry, so I'll stop. Everyday though, if I keep trying to do what is right for me, I'll always have the Help I need. I love it.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Everyone has their own questions and opinions and beliefs. Some think the LDS church is too strict or what not. If you think it's too strict, if you have certain habits or a lifestyle you enjoy and wouldn't want to change, don't do this. I'm being honest, and I'm sorry. However, if you're stuck in your life and you're trying to find somewhere to find an answer, ask and pray about this church. Please believe me. If you feel something inside you is gone and you want it back, check it out. You have to be sincere and honest with yourself though. Please. I'm saying all of this because I am a convert and I know how it is. I wasn't ready until a certain time. When that time came though, there was someone there for me to point me towards the right path. Just ask for help when you feel ready. I promise that you'll get the answer the moment you require it most. Show more Show less