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Hi I'm Kaili

I like to run, shop, and read. I'm a math teacher and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a second-year high school math teacher, a graduate student in secondary education, and an huge Celine Dion fan. I am one of those few people who can truly say, "I love math!" and mean it. Teachings is so much harder than I ever thought it would be, but I wouldn't trade it for any other profession. As far as my teaching philosophy goes, I will use the words my awesome and beloved college professor: "‘I’m no good at math’ is a common refrain — thus, it’s a joyous challenge for me to immerse students in the culture of authentic mathematics and rock their world.” I love books, music (esp. Celine Dion as well as Norah Jones and ), Doris Day movies, and prime numbers. My most favorite books are: John Adams, Maniac Magee, The Amelia Peabody Mysteries, and The Book of Mormon. I want to travel the world and see the Pyramids of Egypt, the Swiss Alps, the Mayan ruins, an Italian Opera, and everything in between. I love running. I run to escape, for the challenge of racing, and to escape. I recently ran my first marathon (I'll think about doing another one but not for a while... haha), but half marathons are my favorite races. The most important thing about me, however, is my deep love and commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ and being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born a Mormon and will die a Mormon. Here is why I live as a Mormon: Even with being raised in a predominately Mormon community, I have never felt like I was following a trend by being a Mormon or just doing what everyone else was doing just because that's what you're supposed to do, etc. No, I am a Mormon because I want to be. I am a Mormon because I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church on the face of this earth. I know because I have prayed about it and received an answer. This answer came more like a feeling to me, I felt an overwhelming feeling, one that burns like fire in your chest yet is peaceful and wonderful all at the same time. I am a Mormon because I love my Savior, Jesus Christ, with every fiber of my being. My family is most precious to me and I have learned that it is only through Him that I can live with my family forever. Death is not the end to a family. We can see our loved ones again. I know this with all my heart. I have prayed to know this truth, that this is made possible because we have a Savior who loves us and died for us. The Book of Mormon is true. Again, I know because I asked God; I prayed. I wanted to know, so I asked. I felt that same burning yet peaceful feeling. I know Joseph Smith translated it by the power of God. It is not some made up book; it is truly the word of God. I am a Mormon because of the truths I have learned from reading The Book of Mormon. So, I live my life as a Mormon because it is so much a part of who I am. I know the truth about who I am, where I belong, and where I am going because I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

Through the gospel of Jesus Christ I know exactly who I am. I am a daughter of God. He is my Father and loves me as His daughter. I believe this without a shadow of a doubt. I know that I lived before this life and will live after this life. Because I know who I am, I feel like I have purpose in this life, direction, guidance, and happiness. This truth is why I do what I do in every facet of life and how I live my faith. I go to church every Sunday and love to participate and give service. One of my favorite things I did at church during college is taught gospel lessons to the organization of women in the church. I love sharing what I have learned from the scriptures and from the prophets. I was able to meet a variety of women my age, in similar stages of life, and learn about the gospel together. I love Christmas time because as a ward we usually raise money to help a family in need. My ward consists of young single adults and I think it's marvelous that people that age give service and donate money and time to people in need, whether that someone is a member of our faith or not. We believe that we are all sons and daughters of God and that we are in this together!

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon contains several writing of prophets in the ancient Americas starting in about 600 B.C. and ending in about 421 A.D. These writings were compiled and abridged by the prophet, Mormon. The Book of Mormon is named after him. By the power of God, Joseph Smith translated The Book of Mormon from Mormon's compilation and abridgment. Jesus Christ, Himself, visited the people of the American continent after His resurrection. The Book of Mormon contains the record of His visit. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. Moroni was the son of Mormon. In the book of Moroni (Moroni 10:4) there is a promise that says if you sincerely read The Book of Mormon and pray to God to know whether it's true or not, then you can know by the power of the Holy Ghost that it is true. I have done this. I prayed with all my soul to know. I received confirmation by the power the Holy Ghost that it is true. I know that it is the word of God, not of man. I love The Book of Mormon because it brings light, power, and peace to my life. Show more Show less