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Hi I'm Cameron McMullin

I live in Washington. I love a good round of Golf. I'm an Eagle Scout, serving a 2 year mission in ST George, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Cameron and I am currently serving a Mission in St George Utah. When the occasion calls for it I love to sing. I was in Choir for all 4 years in High School, and had great memory's with my friends and teachers. I love spending time with my friends and we would often go out and airsoft. I have Earned my Eagle Scout award, and aspire to live the Eagle Scout standards. I love snakes, and will get a Red Tailed Boa when I get back from my Mission. Favorite sport is Golf. I was on My high School Golf team and lettered all 4 years. I had the opportunity to be the Captain of the team the last 2 years. Some other things I am obsessed with are Goldfish, the crackers, LED lights, hot sauces (right now the hottest one I got is Mad Dog 357), laser pointers, chicken noodle soup, and educating my self on random things. When I get back from my Mission, I hope to attain the necessary education for me to own my own Home and Car Audio store. I am totally obsessed with home and car audio, and have already made plans for my dream car system, and home theater system. I also love voice acting. This actually might be something that I will look into for the future is voice acting. Whether if it's a movie, commercials, video games, or cartoons, it would be great. My best character impression is Smeagol from Lord of the Rings. I hope to one day be Married in the Temple to my sweetheart, and be able to provide a home and be able to raise a family. This is my one true desire.

Why I am a Mormon

Okay. Right now, I am in the midst of my Mission. A young man will serve the Lord for a period of 24 months. Right now, I am getting close to my 17th month. Time is starting to fly by, and it is just like everyone says. It goes by quick. But I felt it my obligation to rewrite this section and write out my testimony that I have gained thus far. This Church is True. I have seen and felt and heard too many things that testify to it's varsity to deny it. While pondering this, I have come down to the basics. I have seen how it affects people, and the blessings attributed to those who apply it in their own lives. It just makes sense that God would want one straight path for us, not all of these different Churches around to confuse us, and take us down different paths. It says in First Corinthians 14:33 that God is not the Author of confusion. He didn't intend for there to be his Church that was not easily recognizable over others. If he were to set up his Church, it would stand out from all the others. So it is with our Church. Jesus Christs Church. It has many things that baffle people into thinking that it is a corrupt lie developed to stray us away, and that we have many false claims regarding it. Far form the Truth. We are the only church that tells people to rely on Gods answer rather than mans. "Oh, do you really want to know? Ask God!" Continued below.....

How I live my faith

And also, if Jesus was to have a church, wouldn't it be run according to the setup he established? Hebrews 13:8 "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever." That relates to the fact that if he were to set up his church, he would not change anything. He has always worked through Prophets and continuous Revelation before the Great Apostasy. If this Church is wrong, why do I and millions of other Saints have constant spiritual confirmations that this work is true? Why do we receive so many blessings for following the standards that it bears? Why would Joseph Smith, formulate a lie, and living his whole life in support of it, causing his family and Friends to suffer because of their unwavering faith in it, and he himself, go through trials and tribulations only someone with the constant aid and Directions of the Savior could go through, and then testify, and die for the cause? All of these things together, and more make up my increasing testimony of this Gospel. In it I will live, and die, for it is True. I know it. It is amazing to me! So many amazing things have come from it! I love it so much! And being a Missionary is the Greatest learning and growing opportunity for me I have ever had. I encourage you too seek it out in earnest prayer, and if you are already affiliated with it, keep on this path. It is the only one that will bring you happiness. I am so grateful God has reached out in love to us again, and gave us this Gospel.