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Hi I'm Andrea

I'm a Utahn-turned-Nebraskan who thrift shops and recycles. I'm a happy married lady applying to medical school. I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I grew up in a non-traditional home for Utah. At our house, my mom worked full-time and my dad stayed at home with us. My parents encouraged us to think and question, but also to have faith. By the time I went to college, I had already become fascinated by the human body. I studied physiology and over the years, learned that my faith and my understanding of science were not at odds with each other; they actually were complementary. I loved helping people and being with them. Because my parents had always taught me I could become anything I wanted to, I decided to pursue medicine. During this time, I also grew in my faith and served a mission for the LDS church. Just before my mission, my brother set me up with a funny, smart and unselfish young man who I stayed in contact with during my mission. I came home, finished my degree, and dated and married that young man, Jake(the best decision I've ever made). Having someone who always supports me, loves me, and encourages me to be better is the best thing in the world. He finished professional school and works now, and I am applying to graduate school. We are excited to have children sometime in the future, and share the great responsibilities and blessings they bring. We love historical documentaries, Europe, doughnuts on Saturday mornings, and reading the news. I want to be the best person I can be, and I believe I'll do that through my education, my work, my family, my faith, and my marriage.

Why I am a Mormon

As a child, I learned the truth at home because my parents were members of the church. But it wasn't until my sophomore year of college that I personally felt Heavenly Father in my life. The summer after my freshman year, I had a feeling in the back of my mind that I needed to develop trust in my Heavenly Father. It was there for a while before I began reading, but when I did, it changed the course of my life. I began reading scriptures from the Bible and Book of Mormon about faith. What it was, how it worked, why I needed it. As I did, I found that I really believed the scriptures. I almost instinctively felt and trusted that they were right. After that, when I prayed, I believed God was listening and that He would answer me. The next year, I was studying physiology and making big decisions about a career. I thought about it constantly. With my new faith, I prayed to God about it, and I received an answer. It didn't happen immediately, but it came in an unexpected way--through a phone call with a former acquaintance. After that, I knew that God was really there. As I continued to read the scriptures, I also came to know that Jesus Christ was my Savior--that He really did die for all of us, that He really did restore His gospel and church through a prophet, and that the Book of Mormon was real and all about Him. I decided to become a missionary for the church; I learned there about how important our families are, how God has a plan for all of us, and how much He loves us. Before that summer, I wasn't doing drugs, breaking the law, staying out all night, or skipping school. I had a good life, and was on a good path. But when I discovered the truth of the gospel for myself, I was redirected to the best path. Now I'm married and have the promise of being with my husband and our future family forever if I'm faithful. Christ can help me overcome my mistakes and the silly choices I make. I can become the best person I can be with God's and Jesus' help.

How I live my faith

Each day I try to become more like Jesus by developing and living the qualities that He had at home, in my community, and at church. At home, I pray that I can be patient, loving, and unselfish. I try not to get upset if something doesn't go the way I want, and I try to establish good habits like praying with my husband every day. I also try to support and encourage my husband in his work and other responsibilities. I tell him I love him many times a day, and we never go to bed upset at each other. If we have a disagreement, we take turns talking and expressing our feelings and thoughts and try not to get angry. In my community, I try to be kind and friendly to my neighbors, co-workers, and classmates, asking them for advice and about their lives. I try to be a good example and share my beliefs with them. I also call my good friends regularly to remain a loyal and trusted friend. At church, my husband and I are the teachers for the kids 18 months to 3 years old. It's busy and a little crazy, but we love it. We teach a short spiritual lesson and spiritual songs, and play with them. We try really hard to help them feel loved and enjoy coming to church. I love to give them hugs and also teach them how to interact with other kids. I also am asked to visit 4-5 women in my congregation monthly. I keep in contact with them through calls, texts, and emails. When I visit them, I try to prepare a short spiritual thought for each one of them based on their situation and needs. Some have temporal needs, like help finding a job, a babysitter, help cleaning for an apartment inspection, or a ride somewhere. Sometimes they also need spiritual help like an answer to a gospel question that's been bothering them, stronger faith in Christ, the faith to come to church or to obey one of the commandments. Most of all, I try to let them know I love them and that God loves them. I listen to them, give support and help where I can, and share things that will strengthen their faith.

Why is it important for us to take care of our bodies? Why are our bodies called temples of God in the Bible?

Our bodies are an amazing gift! I studied our bodies as a physiology major in college. I couldn't believe how rarely we get sick with everything going on inside us all the time. Our bodies are truly a gift from our Heavenly Father. He made them for our spirits to live in while we are on Earth, and He modeled them after Himself! (Genesis 1:26-27) A physical body was so important that Jesus was resurrected and His spirit joined with a perfect immortal physical body, and has promised us all the same after we die and are resurrected! They allow us to do so many things, but they also give us some tests and trials-ie. sickness, physical and mental disabilities, injury, overindulgence, vanity and others. We are supposed to learn to use our bodies wisely. Because our bodies and spirits are connected, if we do things to harm our body, it can also affect our spirit. For example if we drink alcohol, we can lose control of our thoughts and actions and our spirit can be inhibited. Or if we become preoccupied with our physical appearance, we lose sight of the most important things in life, and we can be tempted to judge others and treat them unkindly. But when we treat our bodies with respect, we feel better. Heavenly Father wouldn't have sent us to Earth and given us bodies if it weren't for a great purpose! Our bodies and spirits are meant to exist in harmony, working together to bring us home to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about the Holy Ghost? Who is the Holy Ghost?

The Holy Ghost works with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to help us. He is a separate being from them, and is the means by which Heavenly Father speaks to us personally. He tells us what is true--for example, when I read the Bible and Book of Mormon I feel a hopeful, encouraging feeling, and I feel my belief or faith increase in the things I'm reading. Often the Holy Ghost speaks by teaching us to do or not do something. He is also responsible for sanctifying, or cleansing us from sin. Because of Christ's Atonement, we can be forgiven of our sins and mistakes, and after we are baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands by priesthood holders, we can then become clean. In the Bible when Christ taught, He told us that one important role of the Holy Spirit was to comfort us. He reassures us that God exists, and that He loves and knows us. The Holy Ghost is the way that we can know God is there, that Jesus sacrificed Himself for our sins and was resurrected, and that They restored their church through the prophet Joseph Smith. We can invite Him into our lives by praying and asking to know the truth, by living the commandments God has given us, by repenting when we sin, by being baptized and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. Show more Show less

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

Because God is just and fair! He loves us all and wants every single person to have the truth and the opportunity to choose to follow Him. That includes the important process of baptism. Jesus taught us, as well as all the prophets, that we must be baptized to be saved. But because we can all make our own choices, and because many people would never get to hear about Christ and the gospel while they were alive (including children who die very young), He knew there had to be an opportunity for them to hear the gospel and choose to be baptized or not. We believe that to be saved and live with God, baptism and temple ordinances are required. Before we are all judged and after we physically die, our spirits remain and still have agency. So, Heavenly Father has asked us to perform baptisms for those people who didn't get the chance on Earth. When this happens, these people simply have the opportunity to accept or reject that baptism, just like we can choose to be baptized or not here on Earth. It doesn't automatically baptize them against their will. They have had that baptism done for them by someone on Earth on their behalf, and if they choose to accept it, it becomes valid. All those who were born in places where they knew nothing about Christ, or all those who died without being able to choose to follow Christ and be baptized can have that chance. I love this part of the church because it shows just how much God loves us, and how fair He is. He always provides! Show more Show less