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Hi I'm Justin Y. Anderson

My wife Bonnie and Childeren live in South Carolina and we are proud to call ourselves Mormons.

About Me

My name is Justin Anderson, I am a supevisor for a computer support group here in Greenville, SC. I love to live here because it is green most of the year. I also enjoy the small town environment and easy going attitude of the people here in South Carolina. My Wife Bonnie is Austrailian by birth and has been a guiding light for 10 years in my life. She and I have two sons Patrick and William who continue to learn every day how to be young men in the world we live in. I graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bacheolor of Science in Business and use my education daily in my career. I also try to futher educate myself through reading and study on the internet. I love to Camp, Draw, and Sing. I am also good at computers and solving unknown problems. My church, my family and my friends are the most important part of my life. They are what define me. I love to see people smile and to have fun.

Why I am a Mormon

Many would say that I was born into the church so that is why I am member of the Chuchr of Jesusc Christ of Later-day saints, but that is only a small part. I thank the lord that I was born to parents active in the church because the experiences I had when in my youth, helped build a foundation for who I am today. I was not converted to the beliefs of the church and had my own true testimony until I was 18. As I approached 18 I was distracted by many things in life. Working, women, games, computers, and much more. I was also not avid about going to church. I was still planning to go on a mission but only because my parents expected me. I started to go to college with intention and hope that something would happen in my life to help me know what I was to do with my life. When I was 17 I determined one night that I was not where I needed to be in life, and needed to trully decide if I was going on a mission or not. I did not want to emberass my family and friends by going out on a mission then later deciding this was not for me and coming home. So I met with my Bishop and started to work with him on what I should do with my future. My bishop was wise and had me change some things in my life to better tune myself with the holy spirit. As I read my scriptures one night in my room I determined that my testimony was not genuine, so I knelt down to pray and ask my Heavenly Fauther if the church was true. The answer did not come right away. It took praying and pondering for hours. I remember getting frustrated, and almost giving up. I finally reallized that my prayer was not with an open mind and heart, so I poured out everything into one last prayer. I then had a burning feeling in my heart come and confirm the church was true but not just that. I also had confirmation that the Book of Moromon transalted by the boy Joseph was genuine, that Christ lives, and that he leads the church today through his holy prophets.

How I live my faith

I have been inactive and active from time to time but one thing has not changed, and that is my testimony that Jesus Christ lives, that he rose from the seplecure in Jerusalem and broke the bonds of death for all of us. I also have a personal testimony that he loves us and atoned for our sins if we are only to ask for forgiveness, forsake our sins, make restitution for any wrong we have done and live his gospel. I have a testimony that the Holy Scriptures testify of Christ and that God is unchanging and does not lie. He stated in the Bible many times to his Holy Prophets that he would bring his word through more than one witness. The Book of Mormon testifies of that and I know through the holy spirit that it is a true document written by acient prophets who left Jerusalem and lived on the Americas. I know that this book was translated by Joseph Smith through the power of God and that God has not closed the heavens but continues to guide us through prophets since the restoration of the church. Thomas S. Monson is one of these men who has been called to guide us in these later days, along with all the leaders of the church in their respective stewartships. If there is one thing I can say to anyone who reads this is God wants us to choose for ourselves and not walk blindly based on others beliefs. He has said in the Bible, the Book of Moromon and Later-Day Scripture that if we want to know for ourselves then we should just ask. I confim this simple priniciple as true and promise if you ask with a sincere heart you will know for yourself.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Justin Y. Anderson
My family is my foundation in life. When each of us has challenges I know that I can look to my family for guidance. Wheather it be my parents, my wifes parents, my children or brothers and sisters we all have experiences that make us a strenghth and unique member of our family. I have also seen many a friend who is exposed to an unfortunate or untimely death in their family. It is sad to see them struggle through these hard times and find an answer to why this event comes to everyone. I personally know that this is only a step in the journey our Heavenly Fauther has put in our path and has made it possible through his eternal plan to bring us back to live with him. He values each one of his sons and daughters and wants us to return to him. It is through the teachings of the church that I know how important my family is to me that death will not seperate us and we will live together if we live our lives in accordance tot he teachings of the scriptures. Show more Show less