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Hi I'm Monica

I was born in Austin, Texas. I'm a nurse, an avid reader, and a mother of four. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I learned to sew when I was 11 years old and have loved sewing ever since. These days I am teaching my young teen daughters to sew and am so excited to be passing on that skill. I love reading and spend more hours with books each day while my kids are at school than I should probably admit to! I love being a mom and a wife, and even though it isn't easy helping young people navigate the world today, I'm so glad for the chance to be a family and face our challenges together. I don't work outside our home anymore because we decided the family needed me at home. That was a really tough choice for us, and we hope our kids are strengthened by it. I keep journals that often end up collections of drawings and poems and scattered thoughts, until I vow to get organized and start a real journal, and never do. I have four sisters and one brother, who is the baby of the family. I love my parents.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the church, was baptized at 8, grew up in a home where the gospel was frequently spoken of and taught, and very much took it for granted. In high school, my family moved to a very small town, and I was the only member of the church in my high school. I felt so conspicuous as a Mormon; I just wanted to blend in. I thought if I acted just like everyone else, nobody would know I was any different. What happened though, was that as I tried to hide my knowledge of gospel truths, I lost my knowledge of them, and I became lost. Before I knew it, I really was just like them, a lost teenager, lonely, sad, looking for something, trying to find out who I was in the world and my purpose and meaning. I began wandering from the gospel and lost the sure knowledge I had once had the church was true. It took several years of wondering why I had become so unhappy, and looking fruitlessly for happiness in many different places, before I finally started listening to my parents' pleas to come back to the gospel to find the peace I was missing in my life. I had always sporadically attended church, but now I determined to attend faithfully, to unearth the testimony I had once had, and to put it to the test to see if having the gospel in my life really did make a difference. I began praying regularly once again, and studying the scriptures daily, and I attended church regularly. I surrounded myself with people who lived gospel standards. I made an effort to be different, in good ways, from the people I had known and tried to be like, previously. The miracle of it was that I truly was happy. I was happier than I had ever been. I had peace in my heart, my testimony of the Savior and His love for me had increased tremendously, and I knew the church was true and that living by its precepts had brought me joy.

How I live my faith

I am the Compassionate Service Leader in our Ward, which means I coordinate service that needs be done for members of the congregation when they have something like a surgery or a death in the family or anything else requiring our help. The ward family is an excellent resource for providing service for one another. We consider ourselves brothers and sisters in Christ, and we try to provide for each other in the same way we would provide for our own brothers and sisters. Because of that, our love for each other grows as we have the chance to do good deeds for one another. I also am assigned to visit several sisters in the ward each month to check on them and bring them a spiritual message and make sure they don't have any needs. This assignment is called Visiting Teaching, and every sister in the church may receive this assignment. It is so much fun to get to know new friends through this program.