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Hi I'm Tanner

I love running and being active. I'm a student. I'm an older brother and a son. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

One of the first things that I want you to know about me is the fact that I love my family, and they are my best friends. I am the oldest of 5 children, and have wonderful parents that love me. Spending time with them has been a big part of my life, and I hope to continue that into the future. I love being outdoors and active- whether I am running, playing soccer, skiing, doing Boy Scout activities, or just messing around with my friends. I am an Eagle Scout from the Boy Scouts of America, and have been camping all over. I play the piano, and have been since I was eight or so. I wouldn't consider myself an expert by any means, but I can do enough to have fun with it. I have hard days, and I feel weak sometimes in resisting temptation. (Just like anyone else.) I work with those daily battles too! I served as a missionary for my church in Puebla, Mexico for two years. I loved the experiences that I had, and would do it again any day. I learned Spanish there, and I am studying it a little more in school now. I go to Brigham Young University, and I plan on applying the business school once I finish my generals.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a family with parents already a member of this church. I grew up with them teaching me all about it, and helping me to live its principles. Although I started out in this church with my parents' guidance, I now know for myself, through much prayer and studying, that this is what I need to be doing in my life. One reason that I am happy to be a Mormon is for the peace and direction it gives my life. When I follow its teachings, I am so much happier. I feel the love of my Heavenly Father with me all the time. As I have read the Book of Mormon and the Bible, I have found answers to my questions in life. It never ceases to amaze me how much the Lord is willing to help me, despite my weaknesses. All you need to do is pray to Him sincerily, and He will answer you. I didn't get my answer in any kind of grand vision or anything like that, but rather after prayer I felt an overwhelming feeling of comfort in my heart. It is hard to describe- it is one of the most powerful feelings, but at the same time one of the most calm feelings. Once I felt that answer, I have relied on and trusted my Heavenly Father throughout my whole life, and have been supported by Him every time I have needed Him. Life is hard. Things don't go the way you want, and we don't always act the way we wish we would. And I cannot promise you that these problems will go away. But I can promise you that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will will help make those trials easier, with a faith in Jesus Christ and in His word. I can also promise you that The Church of Jesus Christ will help you overcome any past mistakes or weaknesses that you may have. You can be clean again by following these teachings and accepting this gospel. This knowledge helps me to stay happy throughout trials and challenges. I know that the Book of Mormon is a powerful tool to help you in your life. I know that we have a prophet leading us today. It´s great! I invite you to try it out.

How I live my faith

In my life, I strive to live my faith all the time, rather than just once a week or in front of parents or friends. I do my best to live it as closely to Christ's example as I can, whether in school, on my sports teams, or with my friends. I go to school every day, and study every day. Believe it or not, this is actually partour beliefs. Getting the best education possible is part of following God. I strive to be honest in every way as I go through school. At the end of each day I pray to the Lord, and discuss with him how my day went. Every day I try to be a better person, which involves recognizing and repenting of my sins. I am not perfect, and sometimes I feel inadequate in my efforts. But I have come to know that Christ can heal me. On Sudays, I put aside all sports, friends, and work to attend church and think about my Savior throughout the day. This is a great time for me to evaluate how I have done the previous week in trying to improve my life, as well as become closer to my family. The most important part of Sunday however is going to the different meetings associated with the Church. I often participate in the meetings, whether I was asked to teach a lesson or give a talk to the congregation.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Young men are strongly encouraged to serve a mission for two years, and woman are encouraged to serve for 18 months if they feel the need to do so. However, it is encouraged-- not required. Serving a mission is a wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord and come closer to Him, but it isn't what we call a "saving ordinance". In other words, if a Mormon doesn't serve a mission, that doesn't mean that they aren't a faithful member. Just another quick thing. Although Mormons aren't required to serve a full time mission, they are required by the Lord to share their beliefs with others. One of our prophets used the phrase "every member a missionary" to show that emphasis. We don't only talk about Christ for 2 years or 18 months then stop there. It is a lifetime of sharing this wonderful message! Show more Show less