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Hi I'm Brad

I am Deaf, I’m a Convert, A Sports Development Officer, and I’m a Latter-Day Saint.

About Me

I was born in an emergency room as the umbilical cord had become wrapped around my neck, which is believed to be the cause of my deafness. With the help of my hearing aids, I learned that I could hear enough during one on one conversations, but when it comes to classrooms, televisions, phones, radios, music, group discussions or talking from a distance, all I hear is noise. As I graduated, I found that I had no goals, until I looked up to my father and grandfathers, all of which were boxers. It was then I realized that I wanted to be a prized fighter too. This dream did not go the way that I had planned when the unexpected occurred. One day as I was sparring/training with my friends, I received a blow to my chin and lost the remainder of my hearing. This meant I could not hear anything, even with my hearing aids on. My world became completely silent. I didn’t know how to sign and I couldn’t communicate with anyone. I couldn’t turn to anyone and I felt isolated more than ever. I visited several doctors but their response was “it's gone and it's not going to come back”. I felt like I had no one else to turn to except the man upstairs. This was my very first deep meaningful and sincere prayer. I prayed with faith that I’d get my hearing back. Two months later, my hearing returned back to the level which it had been previously. This was my first miracle! It was at this time I wanted to find a church, and a few years later I found The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints.

Why I am a Mormon

I’m a Mormon because it brings happiness into my life. The church has taught me that happiness comes from gratitude or by losing yourself & if you put the Lord first in your life, everything else will fall into place. It has blessed me with both amazing opportunities and exceeding joy. I feel that being Mormon & having a strong faith in God helps me keep a greater perspective of my life. My family are not members, so It wasn’t an easy conversion. I lost some friends because I joined the church. My friend who baptised me had passed away. Friends who were members moved interstate. Some of my family passed away & the trials were endless. I felt like I was doing it alone. I was tested from the word go! I was still holding on but I could feel the end of my strength. I was tired & didn’t know if I could hang on anymore. I always wondered if I could get through another day or a week. These challenges made me pessimistic. To be honest, I hated suffering. I felt it was too much, but the church helped me change my perspective on these adversities & trials. It helped me to embrace my trials & to be grateful for the opportunities. Trials are part of life & they are there to help me grow, to learn & be happy for the things I should be grateful for. I truly am grateful for the unique experience I had, & for the opportunity to be able to share it with you. I still marvel how I came out of it all. I now know there's always light at the end of the tunnel and there will always be better days to come. It is only in this life that we’ll experience Trials and Adversities so I think its important to embrace them & learn from them for the next life. I realise that my experiences may seem awful, but it is nothing compared to what so many people are going through today. There are so many people with more unfortunate circumstances than me, so I'm grateful for the blessings I have, to know how to sign, to live in a wonderful country, to work at a dream job & many other blessings.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by attending church every sunday, to recharge my batteries, to help me to constantly strive to be a better person, to be able to better myself and to be able to learn from my mistakes. The best attributes you can have are Christ-like attributes. Even though I am far from perfect and it’d take a lifetime to be like Christ, I strive to do my best and be like him every day. I strive to always love God and those around me. I’ve always tried to love others, to care for them, to comfort them, befriend them and be there for them if they need someone to talk to, whether they’re strangers or friends. I really see everyone as heavenly father’s children. "EVERYONE IS A CHILD OF GOD" There’s a scripture Moroni 7:46. “If ye have not charity ye are nothing”. This is a scripture that has changed my life. There’s nothing quite like losing yourself in service to others. It enlarges the soul. My goal for this year is to serve at every opportunity that comes my way. I have found that when I serve I truly am at my happiest. I’m all excited thinking about it. I can’t wait to serve my fellow men, the joy of making someone else’s day amazing brings me so much joy, I can’t get enough of it.