What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Callie

I am a young, aspiring writer. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I hold two bachelor's degrees, the first in Child Development and the second in English. I am unemployed, but want to work as a professional writer. My goal is to become a technical writer or editor. I also love to write novels and spend a lot of time writing fiction. I primarily write fantasy and science-fiction and I attend online writer's workshops. I also love to read good books and I love good music. My favorite kind of music is Celtic music, along with classical music and opera.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church through my parents who are also lifelong members of the church, but my testimony stands on it's own, not as something gained from my upbringing. I came to a full understanding of the truthfulness of the gospel after I read the whole Book of Mormon several times during a period of at least five years. I know that the words were written by ancient prophets who were inspired by the power of God. I know that the scriptures tell us how to live a spiritual lifestyle, help others, be virtuous, and do good. I also know that the current living apostles, prophets, and general authorities lead us to live righteously so that we may live better lives and prepare for eternal life. I have studied and know that the church is true. It's helped my life to follow the true church.

How I live my faith

I attend my ward every Sunday. I go to a Young Single Adult ward, which is all made up of unmarried people under the age of 30 years old. I have many friends there who I like to visit with. My current calling is to help with genealogy. I work on family history every week. I often attend Institute, the name for a weekly educational lecture on religion for young adults. I read my scriptures everyday, reading a few verses from the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants. I pray to my Heavenly Father whenever I get up, before I go to bed, and many times throughout the day. I pray always.

Why do Mormons believe in the Bible?

The Old Testament and New Testament are made up of books that were written by ancient prophets. There are learned men and women today who try to disprove the Bible, but the Book of Mormon testifies of many truths that are told in the Bible, such as how Moses parted the Red Sea and Jesus Christ was born of the Virgin Mary. The 8th article of faith says, "We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God." Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

Yes, the church has always been about Jesus Christ. The first time the term Christian was used in the Bible is in Acts 11:26 when the disciples of Christ are referred to as Christians. Present day members of the church do the same things the ancient Christians did. We are disciples of Christ, spreading the word of God and testifying of Jesus Christ. We assemble together in meetings where we share our testimonies of Jesus our Savior. The gospel of Christ is very important to us. We know that Joseph Smith saw and talked with Jesus Christ and was called to serve the Lord's mission. All members of the church are serving our Lord. The great Jehovah has work for us to do. The Latter-Day gospel can't progress without Christ. We know that our Savior atoned for our sins that we may have the chance to repent of our own sins and see glory in the Celestial kingdom. We know that Jesus Christ was crucified and resurrected. Because of the resurrection, we all will conquer death some day. We know that Christ will come again. The Second Coming of Christ is a great plan that our Heavenly Father has in store for us. We church members testify that Jesus Christ lives and he'll come to earth once again. Show more Show less

How are the activities of the Mormon missionaries funded?

Men and women who prepare to serve missions have to work and save up money and then pay for themselves during their missions. It's unpaid work. I have many relations in my life, including family members, relatives, friends, and former roommates who have served missions. They do their work because they love our Heavenly Father and want to be servants in his kingdom. Everyone that I've known who has been on a mission became a better person after that experience. It's work that requires self-reliance and integrity. The skills that people gain on their missions prepare them for future roles in life, like callings in the church and jobs in a secular environment. Everyone that I know who has been on a mission took that time to serve many people and better the lives of others. Show more Show less

To what do you attribute the growth of the Church?

For hundreds of years, there has been a lot of confusion and chaos over the truth. When so many disagreements have arisen from one place to another during the timeline of world history, many people have wondered where the truth is. The church is growing because people are finding the place where truth is. Our Heavenly Father gave us the chance to find the true gospel and restore his kingdom on earth. Many people also worry about everything that is going in this world and their own lives. The church has answers to many questions because our Heavenly Father has given the truth on earth. The church is growing because the church is true. Many people have felt the presence of the Holy Ghost and let the Spirit guide them to find the true path. There is no greater source for mercy, hope, and love than in the true church of Jesus Christ. The church is a place of harmony because of the divine presence that guides the church. Many new members come into the church every year because they see that the true word of God exists here. Show more Show less

What is the Church’s position on abortion?

The official view of the church is that abortion is only permitted in cases of rape, incest, and danger of health to the mother. The reason why this stance is important to us is because we believe in the sanctity of life. Even during those circumstances when abortion can be allowed, we believe that the decision should only come after prayer and divine counsel. Human life is very precious and should never be taken for granted. In the gospel, we know that as spirit children of God, the sanctity of life is very significant. Each life is a blessing that needs to be protected. I understand that the abortion issue has become a political issue lately. Concerning politics, the church doesn't endorse any candidate, political party, or platform. Members are free to vote based on their own conscience and divine guidance. We do believe that elected officials are elected for the purpose of bringing order to society and part of that order includes keeping morality intact. Show more Show less

Are there restrictions based on race or color concerning who can join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have the priesthood?

There are no restrictions at all concerning which race or color can join the church. Throughout my lifetime, I've known many Mormons of many races and ethnicity. In all the places where I've lived, like here in Oregon, at BYU-Idaho, and in Florida, I've known people of many colors, whether white, African-American, Asian, Tongan, Hispanic, or from the African countries, I know what a diverse place the church is. I also know many wonderful men who hold the priesthood. These priesthood holders are of many races. One's worth doesn't matter based on skin color. During my college studies, I've studied both Child Development and English literature, which included learning about race and culture. I've learned a lot about the history of racial conflicts like prejudice, discrimination, segregation, ethnic cleansing, genocide, and apartheid. For ages, Satan has wanted to drive humans apart instead of keeping us together as the family of God. I see hope in the gospel and the restoration of the truth to bring unity where there used to be division. People of all skin colors are the children of God no matter what. Show more Show less

Who chooses the Mormon prophet?

In the ancient times, Jesus Christ called the apostles. Christ still leads the church as the church is Christ's church. The apostles are picked by prayer and revelation. Prayer and revelation serve as our means of communicating with Heavenly Father, and so the apostles are called by the power of the divine Godhead. Christ's prophet is the senior apostle. The Prophet chooses two apostles to be in the First Presidency. The First Presidency of the Church has the same power that Peter, James, and John held. I know that Jesus Christ chose the prophet and apostles because they always speak and act as men of God. Just as Christ called Paul to preach the gospel, Christ has called the prophet and apostles to be His speakers. They hold the powers that make them prophets, seers, and revelators. Show more Show less

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

My life in the church has never been limited as a woman. In the church, both men and woman need to repent of their sins, be baptized, pray, read the scriptures, attend meetings, go to the temple, give talks at meetings, and engage in selfless service. Men and women are equal as we both have expectations to live righteously and take Christ in our image. We do have different roles since the men hold the priesthood and the women nurture the children. All of the Mormon women who I know are well educated and pursue knowledge, not only becaues knowledge gives wisdom that helps lead a home, but also because sometimes the economy makes it necessary for women to work outside of the home. Relief Society is the center for Mormon women to develop frienships, engage in serving others, share testimonies with others, and live the gospel. There is no inequality of gender in the church. Show more Show less

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

I know that there were prophets of God in ancient times and there are prophets of God in modern times. It might be an innocent thought for the skeptic to say that prophets only existed during the times of the Bible and not in modern times, but I think that if we limit God's work to something that only happened long ago, then we leave room for doubt that these miracles ever happened in the first place. I know that Moses, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, John the Baptist, and Isaiah were prophets who spoke the word of God. I know that President Monson is a prophet of God just like the prophets of old. The way that you can tell the difference between a true prophet and a false prophet is that the true prophet of God will be selfless, humble, live like Christ, and invoke the Spirit of God. The Gospel of Matthew says that we can detect the wolf in sheeps clothing when we know them by their fruits. A true prophet makes good fruit that comes from speaking the word of Christ. I know that the prophets of the Old Testament and New Testament produced good fruit. I can tell that the prophets today speak the word of God and not the word of men. Show more Show less