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Hi I'm Jordan

I was born and raised in Utah where I'm preparing to be a Podiatrist. I am a Mormon.

About Me

On almost any given day you would easily find me at a library. I'm a university student that declared a construction management major some time ago but has decided on entering the field of podiatry. I know these are two very different fields but I have learned that construction would make a satisfying hobby and podiatry a rewarding career for me. I have just one more year of undergraduate, giving me a seven year bachelors degree, what a feet! After graduation I plan to head out to one of the nine podiatry schools to study the challenges with foot and ankle disease and impairment.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up as a Mormon. Born and raised in Utah where I traveled a short distant to the same church building I would be taught from for nearly 20 years. During my growing up days my family went through some hard times. I often wondered if we would stick together. This uncertainty probably contributed to my uncertainty to what I believed It was during those difficult years that I began searching for what I felt was true. My search began by trying to understand the world around me through observing the people around me. I went to the local bookstore and searched through the pages of famous philosophers. Often I felt more confused as I walked away from their words. Finally, during one of my first years at college, I was driving back to my parents' home for the weekend and familiar thoughts of what to believe and how to live began weighing on my mind. The clear thought came that I ought to first search out what I had been taught since a child; that I should begin to read the Book of Mormon. I believed God can guide us, I knew He had for me in the past, and I believed at that moment He had done so again. I grabbed hold of the Book of Mormon and as the months turned to years I have felt the words in that book enlighten my mind time and again. Since my decision to read the words of Christ each day I have felt changes in my life come little by little. I have felt guided to make better decisions and try to live more like Christ would have me live. I finally found His words that could guide me to a happier life. And now, I am certain that I have found truth. Christ taught us, the truth would set us free. Believing in Christ has done that for me. Being a Mormon is one way of saying I am now a believer in Christ!

How I live my faith

I believe that true Christianity isn't so much in what we say but in what we do for each other in those unnoticed moments. Being a Mormon allows me to have many of those moments to see someone in need or have someone see me in need. Sometimes we get assignments or what we refer to as "callings" in the church that allow us to help each other out in different ways. Recently I got called to help with sharing Christ's Gospel; to help share with others about the teachings that Christ has given to us. I think the best way to bring others to His teachings is to try my best to live it and to love people Sometimes that love may be extended through simple words as hi or "how's it goin'." Other days it may be a ride to a soccer game or a friendly invite to be with other friends. In many similar ways as I have tried to follow what Christ taught us, to love each other, I have felt how much He really loves us all.

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

I really like what the apostle Paul wrote in the bible in the Book of Hebrews. He said, "now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Heb. 111 I think of a testimony as a witness from God the evidence of something that we hope for and believe in and work towards the substance which is true. A testimony is an assurance to me that God does hear and answer our prayers and that as we learn of true ways to live, which really are His ways of living, we will feel an assurance inside of us, a very real light come inside our minds that opens our hearts that lets us know that we have found truth. Show more Show less