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Hi I'm Stacey

I am a wife and mother of three.I decorate, read, and teach. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a mother of three energetic young children. I am a wife of a hardworking and devoted husband and father. I love to play volleyball with my friends. I also love reading novels, specifically young adult novels that are fanciful and full of life lessons, but they also include dragons, fairies and maybe a couple of trolls. I am also a huge movie fan......old and new movies alike. I love decorating. I have done quite a bit experimenting in my own home, but have had the pleasure of decorating friends homes. I have even made new friends by acquaintances referring my talents to others. I have recently taken up the piano, on the pretense that I am trying to keep my arthritic fingers flexible. I draw strength from those around me.

Why I am a Mormon

Sometimes in my life I have felt that I was thrown into the middle of a game that has already started. Here is your glove Stacey go stand over there.  I was essentially raised in the church, which means that as far back as I can remember I sat in a pew on Sunday. My parents joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when I was about five years old. My life was full of the normal things that most kids go through. You know, school, rules, games, dances, boys. I have had many ups and downs. My conversion to this church did not happen until I was a young adult. I had become innactive and felt alone and lost for a time, but the values that the gospel instills were ingrained in my soul. I knew that I was off in left field with my back to the game so to speak. It wasn't until a life changing choice made me make the decision to be "Mormon". I knew that Jesus Christ came to earth to save men from their sins and I knew that I could make a change in my life for the better. Since then my life has been increasingly happier and purposeful . I have continually served others, including my family. I have learned to be more patient and tolerant, and I continue to work on these virtues. I know I am not perfect, but I continually try to improve. I love the scriptures and I study them with the intent to apply them to my life. I question and dig for answers from the words that I study and challenge all I teach to do the same. I know with a surety that all those who study and pray will receive the answers that they need from our Father in Heaven. I know that we have a loving Father that loves each and every one of us individually. I know that we have a living prophet, even Thomas S. Monson that leads this church with the direction of Jesus Christ. I know that the priesthood authority that existed in the ancient days of the church has been restored and can be traced back to our Savior. I have many many friends and family that are not LDS, but I know that each one of those people are valued and loved in our Father's eyes. I know that we are here on the earth at this time for a purpose. There is no guess work in our Father's plan. I relish my position in the game now. I may be a left fielder still, but I am in the game with my glove ready to catch the fly balls that come my way.

How I live my faith

 I love serving my ward family in any capacity that I am presented with. I currently am serving as a Sunday School teacher for the 14 through 16 year olds. This is my fourth year in this calling and I pray that they never release me. This calling allows me to study the scriptures in depth, and serve the youth. I feel strenghtened each Sunday by the kids that I teach because they are so strong and faithful. I make meals for those in need, quilt for the humaniarian aide projects, and I am actively looking for more ways to stick my hands in projects that need to be completed in our community.

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

 The Mormon "lifestyle" to me is an interesting phrase, because the things that set us apart from others is just our determination to try to do what has been set forth in the scriptures since ancient times. We wake up in the morning, we get dressed and go to work like most of human societies. However, we have made covenants promises that we will continually live the standards of the gospel. We are a family centered people. We understand the importance of family in society. It is the strength of the family that makes a society strong. Women and men are partners working to rear children to be productive, respectable and loving citizens. We will keep ourselves modest in dress and in speech. In other words we aren't going to wear clothing that is revealing or crude. We will also will be careful with our words. We will be honest and mindful of the people that we can influence for good. We watch continually for opportunities to serve others. We don't partake of food or drugs that are harmful to our bodies. That to me is common sense and shouldn't be so shocking especially with the advances in medicine and studies that have shown the harmful effects of the types of things that we have abstained from. We live the Christian life that Christ asked his apostles and diciples to live when He walked the earth over 2000 years ago. We live our lives full of love and devotion to our Father in Heaven that asks us to remember to love one another. We still play sports most watch, have barbeques with the neighbors, go to the movies with friends, and mow our lawns on Saturday mornings. We struggle with the daily grind just like everyone else. We have trials and hardships just like everyone else. We are not free from problems or mistakes, we just remember the eternal plan. We remember that this is but a small moment in the eternal scheme of things, so we live our lives in an attempt to prove ourselves worthy to live with our Father in Heaven again. Show more Show less