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Hi I'm Hanah

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

 I am a mother of 3, and wife to my wonderful husband. Through having my children, and being blessed to stay home, and raise them, I have discovered, and have been able to nurture talents, and hobbies I didn't know I had before I had my precious little ones. They have helped me to see the talents I have, and I have been able to pursue them because of my little childrenos. ha I LOVE photography, planning children's Character birthday parties, arts, and crafts, baking, exercising, Geo-caching, and creating fun everyday adventures for my family. I wasn't always a domestic goddess, ha, but I love it, and wouldn't change jobs for anything in the world!

Why I am a Mormon

Let me tell you getting to church every week is not always a treat. My husband is often gone for military, or work travel, and so it's usually just me, and my 3 little ones. Often the morning comes with it's challenges of someone not wanting to have their hair brushed, or their shirt buttoned, sometimes there are lots of tears, other times grump faces, and complaints. Then we get to church, and someone wants to sit in the same spot on the bench as the other one, or someone wants the truck another one has, and occasionally I'll find myself asking, "Why do I keep putting us through this torture each week?" These are the reasons why, 1. I know this gospel is true, I know it from the depths of my soul, from careful study, prayer, and personal revelation. 2. I find safety in the Lord's gospel. I have no need to fear about the tragic events in the world, about what may happen, about the end of the world, death, or devils, because I have been and are being prepared for what may come. I have been taught the Lord's plan, I know if I have faith in Him, and turn to Him, He will hear, and answer my prayers. Maybe not always in the way I want but in the way I need. I know I have no need to fear with Him on my side. I am aware of the signs of the times, and I know that despite how bad the events of the world may be, the Lord loves His children, and that if we will turn to Him we can find peace in a world filled with turmoil. 3. I have access to the power of the Priesthood. The Lord's power given to His people to bless, and enrich their lives. I have seen miracles happen through the proper use of His power truly given to his people by His authority. There are so many more reasons why I am a Mormon that it would take a very large book to write them all. I know the best things in life come from hard work. I've seen my hard work pay off when I hear my little ones singing the songs about Jesus. When their little disputes are not over a toy, but over who gets to say the prayer. ha When I look around at my little family, and relish in the joy of being together as a family, knowing that even though life may take us away from one another, we will always be together forever, through the Lord's great plan for His families. I find great peace in this. For these reasons and more I know the struggle to get to church each week is well worth it, because the blessings far exceed the trials.

How I live my faith

 I try to live my faith in all that I do. Whether it be teaching my children about all the great things the Lord has given us, to helping a friend or neighbor in need. By serving in the church I have developed talents, and made friendships that will last forever. I have served in many capacities in the church from being over the children's organization Primary to being over the Youth Young Women's to teaching the adult women, and currently I am teaching the sweet 18 month- 3 year old children in our Nursery. I teach the lessons, and plan the activity. We feed the children snacks, we have arts, and crafts, as well as singing time, and play time. All of these jobs were asked of me. I could've said no, as some were outside my comfort zone, but in so doing them, I have gained greater training, and experience, as well as confidence. This has enabled me to combine these things I've learned with my own experience to begin a preschool business out of my home. I am able to help contribute to my family's finances, because of the things I've learned while serving in the church.

How are modesty and chastity related? How can parents teach their children to be modest in dress, language and behavior?

 This world we live in is a very sexual based world. The female and male body is looked upon as an object to be used for one's personal pleasure. Sight is key in sexual attraction. Modesty, dressing in clothes that keep the body's sacred areas covered and chastity refraining from sex before marriage definitely go hand in hand. As humans if we see something that looks good, we usually want it, and we will often figure out ways to get it. Sexuality is no different. Thoughts, and desires will lead to actions. How can parent's teach their children to be modest in dress, language, and behavior? First through their own examples. Mothers, and Fathers are their children's first role models. Daughters want to wear their mom's lipstick, and highheels, Son's want to wear their dad's shoes, and hats. Children will say what we say, and will act the way we act. If we will dress, and behave in a way that shows our children we respect our bodies, God, and ourselves, they will want to emulate that example. I think it's important to point out that just because you dress modestly stomachs/shoulders covered, no deep necklines, or short shorts/skirts doesn't mean you can't be stylish. There are many stylish options out there, and ways to make other clothing modest. Start when children are young. If you dress them stylishly, yet modestly it's not going to be a hard transition for them when they are teenagers. Have a good attitude when shopping for modest clothes. Don't complain that you can't find anything. Be creative, there's always alternative options to every piece of clothing. If you really love that deep neck plunging shirt then buy a cameo to go underneath it, or a scarf to cover the deep plunge of the neckline. There's so many things you can do, and then not only do you get an outfit that is cute, stylish, and covers your body, but one that is original with your own pieces added to it. We're not covering our bodies because they're ugly it's quite the opposite, it's because they are soo beautiful, and desirable that we want to keep their most sacred parts covered. We want to speak, and act in a manner that shows that respect for God, for ourselves, and for others. It starts with you. Show more Show less