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Hi I'm Madeline

I'm a wife, mom of five, business owner, and a Southern girl. I'm the mom of a missionary in Brazil! I love my life. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I fit into a lot of boxes. I am a wife and love being married. I love having a home, a family, and husband who still goes on dates with me and thinks I'm beautiful, even when I look like crap! I have five kids - I never thought I would be the mom of such a big family. We are a family of adoption - my husband was adopted, he adopted our oldest three children that were from my first marriage, and the last two we adopted together who were family members. We never adopted a baby! I love our family and that we chose it. We have our own business and work at trade shows all over the US and Canada - which causes us to work often on Sundays, which also causes us to be extra vigilant about keeping the Sabbath day holy and remembering who we are. I know that I not only represent my company, but also my faith and convictions with how I present myself at all times and in all places. I am open about my faith and beliefs and know that while my career isn't traditional, I love traveling and I love that I see firsthand that the Church is the same everywhere I go! I am also a Native Southerner and my family have been in the South since the 1600's! I love my Southern heritage and while I could live anywhere, I choose to live in the land of my forefathers. I love the South. I want my children to have that same sense of belonging and that connectivity to their heritage that I have. I am grateful for the sacrifices of my ancestors that enable me to worship freely and live in freedom.

Why I am a Mormon

I was always searching for a faith that I could believe 100. I attending numerous churches, vacation bible school, and parochial schools, but I often found more questions that answers. I was 17 when a church I had barely heard of hit my radar three times in the same week. I did a report on the Mormon Battalion, saw an anti-Mormon film, and met two Mormons at a driving school. I was intrigued that what I saw in the anti-Mormon film was completely opposite from what I researched on the Battalion and what I saw in the members I met. I set out to find out the truth. I began attending activities with my new friends. It wasn't any one event but a culmination of many that turned my heart. I was so impressed by not only the dedication of the youth but in their actions as well. At one event I came to a swim party, and I didn't know that the youth followed a dress code of wearing a one piece bathing suit. I had a very sexy two piece. I realized quickly that I was inappropriately dressed, but instead of singling me out, a leader gave me a t-shirt to wear. I was still going to just leave, but ALL of the youth girls put on t-shirts to make me feel comfortable. Nobody made fun of me. I had never seen such an act of Christian love directed at me before, even with all my time in parochial school and attending various churches. That simple act softened my heart and I began to take the missionary discussions. I fought with the missionaries and questioned everything they said. I had to be sure. The turning point was when I quoted something and the Elder asked me where my quote was from, and I realized that it was from a catechism book written by man - and not the scriptures. I was humbled, and from that point on I answered all questions with answers from the scriptures and confirmation in my prayers, and I received the answers I sought. I know now without a doubt that this is His true church. He has testified of this truthfulness to my very soul.

How I live my faith

One of the biggest ways I am currently living my faith is that I have a son serving a mission in Brazil for two years. I realized that I am tithing my son to the Lord - 10% of his life - and I put my trust in Him to keep him safe. This is my second son to serve a mission, and as a first generation member, it was a big step for me to put my faith to this test - twice! I know that his mission is sometimes a hardship, that people can mistreat him or hate him for simply being a Mormon. They don't see him as a young man or my son. He is currently my faith in action - this is the church I chose to follow and raise my children in, and his faith is the fruit of that. It is hard to not see you child for two years, with only weekly letters and two phone calls a year, but I am grateful for his testimony of the gospel and his willingness to share it as a missionary. I hope to serve with my husband as couple missionaries when we retire! I also serve my local congregation in the presidency of the Primary for the children 18 months to 12 years of age. We plan activities and provide a gospel lesson for the children each week, have teachers for each age group, music and try to make it fun while helping the children develop their own testimony of the Lord. I was nervous about working with the children at first as I have almost always taught adults, but I have actually loved it. I love watching their testimonies and understanding of the gospel grow. I am always amazed at how much children already know about the gospel, and that I am really there to just remind them of what they already know to be true. They know the Lord. It is as adults we try to forget him, which is a constant reminder to me to have the faith of a child. I realize they are there to teach me just as much as I am there to teach them! I am grateful that the Lord knows me and knows what "jobs" will continue to build my testimony and strengthen my faith. I am grateful to know that I am a daughter of God.

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

I love that our church doesn't have a paid clergy. That means that the things that are done are not done so for money and financial gain, but instead because of a the belief of those asked to serve. Charity is the true love of Christ, and by serving of our own will we are doing just that. Leaders can follow their hearts and the inspiration of the Lord, instead of having to follow a script that they are paid to follow. It gives me great confidence in the decisions made by my leaders. Missionaries are giving up two years of their lives to serve full time without pay. Teachers, Bishops, and anyone serving in the Church is doing so because they love the Lord and want to serve Him. It is really simple when you take money out of the equation! Show more Show less