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Hi I'm Lukas..

God, Family, Loved Ones.. Chasing Financial Independence, Car Enthusiast..

About Me

God, Family, Loved Ones. That is really all I need. I chase financial independence through investing, entrepreneurship, and hard work; but even that is so I can give my family and future family the best life we can have. Debt causes bondage. Working a 9-5 takes time away from those you love. So I am trying to eradicate those problems, and help others do the same along the way. When I had more time, and before I blew up my subaru for the second time, I was heavily involved in the car world. I have an appreciation for just about anything, and one day will get back around to making my car a low 10 second, fully legal, street car.

Why I am a Mormon

I was constantly praying, fasting, and reading, to know whether this was true; or a very in-depth, well thought out, faith promoting, scam. The answer came one night. It was a night I shared with my friend who had been seeking out an answer as well. The Holy Ghost answered our question in an overwhelming way, and we couldn't deny it. Today I study religions from all over the world. I no longer marvel at the similarities. I realize that all the similarities come from the truth. They come from the Plan of Salvation that was revealed to Adam, Enoch, and every other prophet of God, including Joseph Smith. There is so much more to it than living forever in heaven, or burning eternally in hell. So much more than a God who creates us to worship Him and for no other purpose.. Everyone will have their fair and equal chance to accept or reject the gospel of Jesus Christ, whether in this life or the next. There is so much truth to be found, in our religion and others, but the fullness of the gospel lies here, in Christ's RESTORED church.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by dedicating my hard work to the Lord. Chasing dreams, with the desire of benefiting others gives so much more meaning to my life. I try to teach of the Atonement, and Christ's love. Too many people don't understand that it is Christ who saves, not ourself. I try to let people know that even when they are in the depths of sin, if they just wake up tomorrow and say their prayers, and try to be better, they are closer to heaven than they know. I have found that I need the peace and love that comes from being close to the Lord. When you take time to pray and involve the Lord in your life, you can feel the difference that it makes. You can literally feel His arms around you at times. Last but not least, I always find myself mourning with those that mourn, and supporting the down trodden.. sometimes even when it's the last thing I have time for, or even WANT to do.