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Hi I'm Christy

I am the mother of 5 beautiful children, ages 18 months to 18 years. I am a photographer. I'm a historian. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a mother of 5 beautiful children from 2 different marriages. My children range in age from 18 months to 18 years. My parents joined the church when I was a baby. I was raised in the church but spent some time away as a teen and as a young married mother. I am now strong in my faith and spend much of my time working on family history in one way or another (research, recording, blogging, photography, storybooking). I am also a photographer. I went to college for computers but soon passed that hobby onto my oldest son and now focus my energies on keeping up our family history, our home, and our love for each other. I think I'm funny and luckily my siblings all think they're funny too so we keep each other entertained (even when the rest of the world stares at us blankly and shakes their heads). I can also be a little long winded but I prefer to think of it as a full heart and a love of words. :)

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because it's true. In my heart there's really no other reason that need be said but maybe you don't know it's true (yet) so here's a glimpse of what is seared into my heart: I lived and loved before this world was. I'm a Spirit daughter of a loving Father who cares about my every breath and shares his love for me in the teeny tiny moments of my life when He could be (and undeniable is) carrying and loving his 7 billion other children on Earth today. I KNOW these things are true. He has a plan of Happiness. I agreed to that plan and along with the rest of my brothers and sisters I came to Earth to gain an body, learn, experience, suffer, love, gain a family, grow, and share it. I'm grateful for a restored Gospel; that God sent me here in a time when I didn't have to wander knowing there was more but unable to find it; that I can turn on the TV, my computer, and my phone in my pocket to see and hear a prophet today. I know he is a servant of the Lord. My Father in Heaven loves me so much He restored His gospel and sent me here in a time when I can reap the joys of Priesthood power (I've seen miracle up on miracle), translated scripture (read it and pray, you'll know it's true, too), prophets and apostles who teach us for our times, and most importantly Temple ordinances. I was part of a Heavenly family before I came to this earth and thanks to Priesthood power I will be a part of my Earthly family forever. Forever. You may think that's too long and laugh. It's never too long. My brother died this year in a tragic accident. It could have killed the rest of our family emotionally but it didn't. At a time when others fall and lose hope we were lifted to new spiritual heights. We saw enough little glimpses of Heaven to bring us the lasting comfort that we will see him again. That peace alone could be the reason I'm a Mormon but it's only a small part. A small part of a miraculous, loving plan that is so truthfully what it is called: The Plan of Happiness.

How I live my faith

It's hard not to live your faith in some way when it's in every moment and every breath. Sundays church starts early and my current calling allows me to enjoy the lessons being taught (when I'm not chasing a toddler through the hall). Our Sabbath's are quiet and full of family and the Spirit. The rest of the week is rarely quiet. Each morning starts with personal prayer and scripture study and then the children wake up. My every moment is then to help them learn and grow and love each other and others around them. While they are at school I am often focused on tending my home, the baby, checking off my goals, and working on my calling. I am the Compassionate Service Coordinator. When someone is in need I get the right workers there at the right time. I love having such an amazing opportunity to help so many. Whether it be meals to new moms, comfort to those who have recently lost loved ones, funeral arrangements, help moving, cleaning, hugs; it's my blessed opportunity to help others to help others and I love it. Those are all things you can see on the outside but it's on the inside that so much of my living is happening. Each day I strive to be kind. I strive to lift others. I long to share the gospel, though I often stumble over my words (thank you 5 children for eating my short term memory). I wish I could help every homeless person I see along the road, hug every child who hasn't smiled today, laugh with every friend I haven't talked to this month and every friend I've yet to meet. I strive to follow every prompting sometimes to the most miraculous ends. I pray I can do better tomorrow and that God will help fill the gaps I miss. I yell at my kids too much, I'm easily frustrated, change of any sort (please don't change the look of anything I use daily) throws me for a loop, and I can be pretty flaky sometimes (5 kids will do that to you). My many imperfections push me to not judge others as harshly. God's still working on us all.