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Hi I'm Ron Vandermyde

I'm a convert to the church, both literally and in practice. I live in Utah. I grew up in Murray, Utah, still make my home in Utah

About Me

I am a family man first. We have 7 children who are all successful and making a difference in the world. Professionally, I am a true entrepreneur. I have worked for myself most of my life, and currently own multiple companies.

Why I am a Mormon

I became Mormon because of a deep sense of belief that it could make my life better. I remain Mormon because the invitation to find out for myself became a very important crossroads. I took the challenge, prayed sincerely over a period of time, and then received the undeniable witness of the truth of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith's role in it. I am a very pragmatic, realistic person. I'm not easily fooled. I gave an honest effort to finding out what the truth of Mormonism is. I found it, and have never looked back. I have learned for myself these important truths: - We are all brothers and sisters - spiritually begotten of a loving Heavenly Father. We should treat each other as such. - Joseph Smith was an instrument of God in bringing about a restoration of the Church which Christ organized on the earth, and which was removed due to apostasy. Not a re-creation, but a restoration of the literal church of Christ. - The soul is eternal. We existed before this life. We chose to come here and promised to be obedient to a loving Heavenly Father who ultimately wants us to live with Him again. We must earn that privilege through acceptance of the Atonement and living an obedient life. Obedience is essential to salvation. - It is true that those who accept Christ will be saved. Yet the opportunity exists to be exalted and live with Heavenly Father and Christ eternally. This is contingent upon making eternal covenants through authorized priesthood authority, and through a life of devotion toward Christ and becoming like Him. - The concept of separate, distinct heavenly beings is well demonstrated in the New Testament. We accept Christ at His word that he came to do the will of His Father. I know I can talk to God through prayer. I do so daily, and He has answered my prayers. I am grateful for modern revelation. I know Christ lives. - Divine priesthood authority has been restored. God still talks to men. Of these truths I am a witness.

How I live my faith

Day by day. I pray and read scriptures daily. I know personally the great blessing of living prophets, and try hard to follow their teachings and counsel. We have taught our children to think for themselves and decide for themselves. They have done so, and live their faith similarly. Our faith brings great comfort in times of stress or despair. Our faith brings us hope when we are down, and strength to help others when we are up. Aside from my relationship with God, my relationship with my family is more important to me than anything else. The fact that we share the same faith and live our lives true to it gives us great strength. The only place in the world where one can learn about and actually know that families can be joined for eternity is in the LDS faith. It is a true doctrine. Our family finds great strength from the sacred covenants we have made that bind us together through the authority of the priesthood. It is a privilege to know what we know. We are centered in every way on Christ, and his divinity. He is the literal Son of God. He is my Savior and Redeemer. Everything we do is focused on Him and living as He taught. That is the heart of Christianity - to become a true believer and disciple of the Son of God. Among my greatest blessings in life is the knowledge I have of God the Father and of His Son, and of the Holy Ghost. I try hard to accept all men and the beliefs they carry with them. Would that all men and women would do so. I join in the invitation to invite all to find out about our beliefs. Bring the truths that you already have, and we will gently and humbly add to them. The truth can be found out from God directly. This is how every convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints comes to know. It is not by preaching. It is by answer to prayer from a living, loving Father. The heavens are open. We can know God. Of this I have an absolute witness.

What is the priesthood?

Ron Vandermyde
The priesthood is the authority to act in God's name for the benefit of mankind. It is a sacred trust, restored in its fulness and power to men. All male members of the Church who receive the priesthood can trace their authority back to the restoration of the priesthood, and ultimately to Christ himself. Men who hold the priesthood must act with sacredness and humility in doing so. To put it simply, they act as representatives of the Savior when they serve. The priesthood enables them to lead meetings, perform church ordinances, bless those who are sick - just as those in the ancient church did. The restoration of the priesthood is one of the unique differentiators between the LDS church and all other religions on the earth. It is a magnificent holy power that is only given by those who have authority, and to those who are worthy of it. Show more Show less