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Hi I'm Dan

I am a convert to the LDS church. Please read why I became a Mormon. Thank you

About Me

I am a father of four wonderful children. My beautiful wife & I have been married for 15 years. We were married in Switzerland, and resided there before moving to the US. We all love the outdoors; hiking, biking, skiing, & camping as a family.

Why I am a Mormon

I was not raised LDS (Mormon), but I did know & like Mormon people growing up. Due to the teachings of my parents and pastors I had a very poor opinion of the LDS Church and it's teachings, so much so that I was almost scared to associate with Mormons. As I entered my university years things began to change within my circle of friends. What these friends once thought of as innocent high school drinking had evolved into a more courageous experimentation into drugs. Although I never took part, they were still my friends and it was painful to watch what was happening to their lives. What started with alcohol in high school had now lead to addictions, pregnancies and depression. It became for them a vicious circle; the deeper their depression the greater the stimulus needed to bring them up. And the greater the stimulus the greater the pain and unhappiness. It became an empty life for them. I then found myself gravitating back to the LDS kids that I knew from my childhood. Something was very different about them, they didn't have to purchase temporary pleasure, they were just happy people, they drew from a source inside of themselves. As time went by I began dating a LDS girl. She asked me what I knew about the LDS religion; this was a question that brought a great deal of anxiety. All my life I had been told what a corrupt religion the Mormon Church was, but yet the Mormon people I knew were the most Christ like individuals I had ever met. At this point, with a great deal of reluctancy, I decided to investigate the LDS religion and began meeting with two LDS Missionaries. Whenever I had asked my pastor questions I had always received a sermon or was handed a pamphlet to read. What I loved about my investigation into the LDS faith was that it was never the teachings of man, I was always counseled to go straight to the source of all truth, asking my Heavenly Father Himself in prayer for answers. I want everyone who reads this to know that God does hear and answer our prayers, when asked in humble sincerity. It was that "in humble sincerity" part that kept holding me back. Once I was able to kneel down with an open mind and open heart I then received my answer. I was soon baptized into the LDS church, the single greatest decision I have ever made!

How I live my faith

My entire life I had been taught that the Mormons do not believe in Jesus Christ, but I have since found this rumor quite the opposite. The entire structure of their religion is based on our Savior and his teachings. From the very name of the church to every prayer spoken being closed in His name. Jesus is the foundation of this church and I could have never developed my relationship and understanding of Him to this extent, had it not been for my joining the LDS church. The closeness I feel with Christ through my worship on the Sabbath, and through my every day life, has brought me greater happiness than I could ever had imagined.

To what do you attribute the growth of the Church?

The Mormon church is the fastest growing Christian church for one reason; simply because it's teachings are true! Christ stands at the head of this church and all teachings, actions & instruction lead us back to Him. There is no way someone outside of this church could ever believe this, when people used to tell me this I would mock them and feel sorry for their misguided faith. One can only know these words to be true by prayer; prayer to their Heavenly Father asking in sincerity for this answer. Show more Show less

Why do Mormons believe in the Bible?

Because it is the word of God as recorded by His prophets & apostles. Having grown up in another religion I had always thought that since the LDS have their Book of Mormon that they couldn't possibly believe in the Holy Bible. This was far from the truth. The Mormons read, teach from, and cherish the sacred writings of the Bible in their every day lives as well in their Sunday worship. Show more Show less